Brand focus - Japan Blue Jeans

 As our store continues to grow, our team are constantly looking for new products that matches with our idea and 'identity'. Since our humble beginning, our roster of brands has grown in numbers. Both well-known brands and less-known brands have been carefully selected by our team, in order to provide you, our customer, with high quality products from different corners of the world. Naturally, some of you might already know about the brands. However, in order to let you, our customer, get to know and to become more familiar with the brands that we stock in our store, we have created the "Brand Focus". We will be doing "Brand Focus" once in a while and you can read it right here in our journal. Please enjoy.

One of the brands that has been with us from the very beginning was Japan Blue Jeans. It is therefore quite well suited to feature Japan Blue Jeans in this very first article of "Brand Focus". Japan Blue Jeans (JBJ, also simply known as "Japan Blue") is, as the name states, a japanese denim manufacturer from Kojima, Okayama province in Japan (also known as Japan's "denim capital") and was established in 2010. While there are many denim manufacturers in japan, JBJ seperates itself from others by focusing on creating the best materials, according to JBJ's philosophy, which states that "material is a key factor to jeans". For JBJ, these are the four key processes of creating the best pair of jeans - cotton selection, weaving, dyeing and sewing. Each process is therefore carried out to perfection, from rope dyeing the yarns to weaving the selected cotton on the vintage shuttle looms (selvage loom). While using old techniques, the fits are made to be contemporary. After all the key processes, we then get high quality jeans which can be worn for a very long time. Every pair of jeans will age differently, depending on its owner, creating unique fades over time.